Erotic Hypnosis With Lauren

I’m not new to hypnosis, but I’m new to actively advertising I offer the practice.

For years I have done Domination, both in real life practice and on the telephone.

In my personal life, I have been blessed to know several Hypno Dominants of both genders who taught me much about the art of erotic hypnosis, by allowing me to observe them putting submissive subjects under their influence, and by assisting me in using hypnotic techniques to use on my own slaves, pets and playthings.

My first slave was a woman that I was able to train to come on command, no matter where she was. It was great fun, and the beginning of a long flirtation with erotic hypnosis.
Some years ago, I began talking with submissives on the phone professionally. I found I was putting some slaves in a trance state naturally, without any conscious effort on my part. So I began intentionally using hypnotic techniques in all my training of telephone submissives, with astounding success. Even when I didn’t tell a slave I would entrance him, he would report to me days later of his trance like state and reactions to triggers, and the inability to stop thinking about me.

So I began some more formal training in hypnosis. I was mentored by a very erotic and fun hypnodomme I’m aquainted with. And I am now offering erotic hypnosis for submissive toys.
But be warned. You are likely to become very addicted to Me. And I have a sadistic side.

You can reach me in several ways.

You can also reach me on the beta niteflirt site–check my listing even if this says I’m not available…the call button isn’t updating…I’m often available even when it says I’m not..

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Or you can call me on my personal number

(888) 585-5570 Toll free number

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Rate will be 20 dollars for the first ten minutes,
2.25 a minute thereafter

I accept all major credit cards, including American Express