If you are the Russian blogger that is  stealing my stuff….I have noticed.  I’ve taken actions, although my inability to understand and read Russian is a bit of a handicap.  (The stolen posts are in English, but the site buttons and links are all in Russian)

I guess my thoughts on Erotic hypnosis are sooooo delicious that they cannot help themselves.

Ok…on to other things.

I’ve had many new slaves this week that I have enjoyed taking into erotic trances….and this trigger word…


Should bring up delightful stirrings to them…

Wouldn’t you like to have delightful stirrings to the word Obey as well?
I thought so…

why are you delaying calling Me?
Rather do an IM session?

Or email me at Lauren@laurenrules.com and I will let you know how you may pay for one of those…I have a few alternatives.