It’s great fun to put a submissive guy into a hypnotic cock cage…

You’ve heard of chastity devices, often called cock cages, that a guy can wear, that keep him from masturbating, make erections impossible, and keep him caste.

A hypnotic cock cage is a little different.  There is no device to wear, only the deep suggestion of the mind.

And hypnotic cock cages do not prevent erections.  They just prevent orgasms.  Its great fun to hypnotize a guy into not being able to cum without My permissi0n, knowing that he is going to be jerking and jerking and trying to get off….without his poor little weiner cooperating.

It’s great for the guy with a wife or girlfriend, who have to keep their submission to me a secret, and even allow a guy to fuck his wife.

But cumming without My direct permission becomes impossible.

Mmmm Hypnotic cock cages…get yours today! Call :)

And yes, I’m thinking about making a recording of this as well…Delicious no?

Mistress Lauren