Hypnotic cock cage
admin | June 7, 2010 | 12:14 pm

It’s great fun to put a submissive guy into a hypnotic cock cage…

You’ve heard of chastity devices, often called cock cages, that a guy can wear, that keep him from masturbating, make erections impossible, and keep him caste.

A hypnotic cock cage is a little different.  There is no device to wear, only the deep suggestion of the mind.

And hypnotic cock cages do not prevent erections.  They just prevent orgasms.  Its great fun to hypnotize a guy into not being able to cum without My permissi0n, knowing that he is going to be jerking and jerking and trying to get off….without his poor little weiner cooperating.

It’s great for the guy with a wife or girlfriend, who have to keep their submission to me a secret, and even allow a guy to fuck his wife.

But cumming without My direct permission becomes impossible.

Mmmm Hypnotic cock cages…get yours today! Call :)

And yes, I’m thinking about making a recording of this as well…Delicious no?

Mistress Lauren

New Recording…
admin | January 15, 2010 | 5:29 pm

It’s called Crave…and its an mp3 with a slide show..in WMV format..best listened to with headphones…available for sale on NF for $20 here.  If you don’t have Niteflirt, and would like to purchase, contact me and I’ll make an arrangement for you  to purchase it.

Erotic Inductions
admin | December 17, 2009 | 9:21 pm
I’ve been working on some new inductions this week. I look for seductive and erotic ways to lead my subject into trance.
If the induction is boring, I get bored and I just can’t get into the right frame of mind…the frame of mind I want to have the mind control mindset :)

The past couple days I’ve been working on a new induction I call:
Sliding into My Labyrinth of Seduction.

I have it structured so you wont be able to resist going under…that you’ll feel both helpless to stop it, and erotically aroused enough to not care!

I’ve been using this induction this week in the sessions I’ve done on Talk Sugar.
With really really impressive results.

Want to experience   Sliding into My Labyrinth of Seduction?
That’ s link to my listings on Talk Sugar.  Come experience with Me!

in other news, I’ve been actually working on learning to edit recordings.  I feel as if many fine hypnodommes have set the bar really high and have spoiled all you hypnosluts with high quality recordings!  So I am working on my sound editing skills a bit before releasing a whole lot to the market, but mark my word, there “will” be hypnorecordings.

Russian blogs are stealing my posts
admin | December 7, 2009 | 1:41 pm

If you are the Russian blogger that is  stealing my stuff….I have noticed.  I’ve taken actions, although my inability to understand and read Russian is a bit of a handicap.  (The stolen posts are in English, but the site buttons and links are all in Russian)

I guess my thoughts on Erotic hypnosis are sooooo delicious that they cannot help themselves.

Ok…on to other things.

I’ve had many new slaves this week that I have enjoyed taking into erotic trances….and this trigger word…


Should bring up delightful stirrings to them…

Wouldn’t you like to have delightful stirrings to the word Obey as well?
I thought so…

why are you delaying calling Me?
Rather do an IM session?

Or email me at Lauren@laurenrules.com and I will let you know how you may pay for one of those…I have a few alternatives.

Thoughts on the word….Obey
admin | November 24, 2009 | 11:29 am


It’s a word that just rolls off my tongue into your mind.

Obey, before you know it…you’re lost in Me…

Obey, it makes you go deeper

Obey it makes you desire

Obey it thrusts and penetrates

Obey, it arouses and tintillates

Obey it makes you into a puppet

Obey it makes you my toy


Tranced feminized slave now advertises to suck cock
admin | November 7, 2009 | 5:37 pm

My latest hypnotic victim has now begun advertising to suck cock, after a few suggestions that he/she was CRAVING the taste of cum so…

Live in the London area and want a TV to suck your cock?
Check it out!


Now doing sessions on Talk Sugar!
admin | September 28, 2009 | 1:30 pm